• Expert knowledge in all aspects of ballistics 

  • Engineers with a passion for firearms design

  • 25+ Years experience under each engineer

  • Fair and up-front project estimates

  • High Level Training for your engineering staff

  • Legal Expert services

Chief Engineer:

Dr. Donald E. Carlucci, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering, PE

Located in Northern New Jersey, Carlucci Arms is a engineering firm specializing in Firearms Design, Engineering and Training. We have extensive experience helping Firearms Manufacturers develop new and revolutionary products worldwide.  Please note:  We do not offer FFL Transfers or Gunsmith Services to consumers.   Carlucci Arms is a firearms consulting company.


Written by Dr. Carlucci for use in graduate Ballistics classes, this book is available on Amazon.com by clicking the image to the left.

Carlucci Arms, LLC is an FFL and Licensed Firearms Dealer and Manufacturer

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